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Grit City Ballroom offers 4 Week Series, with a rotating staff of amazing, personable, and talented instructors, so you’ll always learn something new!  Listed here are all class series we offer.  We may not offer all every month.  To see the current schedule of what is offered, please click the button below.

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NEW CLIENT SPECIAL:  Register for any four week series for ONLY $30!  In addition, get into EVERY social dance and introductory social dancing lesson during the month of your series.  See our full social dancing schedule HERE.  A $133 value for only $30!


1 Series:  $53

2 Series in a Month:  $96 (Save $10)

3 Series in a Month:  $144 (Save $15)

4 Series in a Month:  $192 (Save $20)


Balboa is a dance within the swing family.  It originated in ballrooms in California during the 1930’s.  The ballrooms were so crowded, there wasn’t any room to swing out, so they stayed primarily in closed position.  Balboa is making a BIG comeback these days, and it’s definitely a dance that should be in your repertoire!  Balboa is danced close to your partner and is mostly associated with fast, close-to-the-floor footwork and fun moves.

slow drag


Blues dancing is a new name for an old dance.  Back in the days 1930’s Harlem, they just called it slow dancing.  Blues dancing takes many forms, and there is a lot of room for improvisation.  A mixture of waltz, foxtrot, tango, two step, one step, open position figures, closed embrace, and a bit of bump and grind, this dance is highly connected, highly improvisational, and highly fun.






Lindy Hop is the grand daddy of all swing dances — this is where it all came from.  A highly improvisational and often athletic dance, it is danced to swing music, and the bouncy characteristics of the music is reflected in this fun and joyful dance.

 Tango MilongaTANGOArgentine tango is a partnered social dance, in which the couple embraces to dance.  It is different from ballroom dancing (including ballroom tango) in its posture, movement and intent.  Unlike ballroom dances, which tend to be more structured, social Argentine tango is improvised, with every step being a spontaneous discovery in the moment, as the partners focus on their connections to each other and to the music.


dean collinsWEST COAST SWING

This fun, improvised social dance is a direct descendent of Lindy Hop, but it has definitely found it’s own identity on the dance floor.  West Coast Swing is a slotted dance that is smoother and groovier than it’s predecessor.  It’s often danced to blues, hip hop,or pop music, and there is lots of room for your own style and interpretation!